ADC Transforms the Omnichannel Marketplace with Acquisition of eCommerce Fulfillment Provider, ShopperKit

Acquisition Positions ADC to Optimize Store Operations Further by Streamlining Ordering, Producing and Fulfilling for Grocery and Convenience Retailers

TAMPA, Fla. (January 12, 2020) — Applied Data Corporation (ADC), the leading provider of Fresh Item Management technology for grocery and convenience stores , announced today that they have entered into an agreement to acquire ShopperKit, Inc., the first enterprise-class software built for eCommerce retail fulfillment. The acquisition is a highly strategic addition to the ADC portfolio and will result in making ADC the leading software provider on the market for ordering, production, and fulfillment.

The events of this past year have impacted how retailers do business while simultaneously changing many shopping habits and expectations for consumers. This has put eCommerce fulfillment in high demand with few providers capable of providing systems that can operate at scale. ShopperKit empowers grocers to extend their brand through the online shopping experience by managing all in-store activities related to fulfillment, customer communication, and execution of online orders.

For nearly 30 years, ADC has been a trusted provider to over 20,000 grocery and convenience store locations. The company’s SaaS platform of industry-tailored solutions already includes FreshIQ® which innovations include recipe management, label printing, inventory and waste management, food traceability, production planning, and ordering. With the addition of ShopperKit’s eCommerce fulfillment, ADC’s products will deliver streamlined store operations across the entire food lifecycle.

Shamus Hines, CEO of ADC states, “This is an exciting time in ADC history. The ShopperKit team and platform are helping retailers gain control of their in-store fulfillment strategies, a critical component required to maintain their digital brands.” Hines adds further, “As a company, we are committed to enhancing all store operations for food retailers. The addition of ShopperKit will give our customers a unified approach to their omnichannel strategy while providing them with visibility into store operations with user-friendly products that help grow sales, cut costs, and improve operational efficiencies. This will allow ADC to expand our vision to include broad demand forecasting not just in fresh but also for the center aisles both in-store and online.”

ShopperKit will join ADC’s product suite purpose-built for grocery and convenience store operators and will further enhance ADC’s platform offerings to empower food retailers with the tools they need to achieve a unified demand forecast from online to in-store. Bringing ShopperKit into the ADC family will enable them to leverage ADC’s significant investment in sales, marketing, and software development to accelerate ShopperKit growth.

Steve Paro, Head of ShopperKit states, “The synergies between ShopperKit and ADC complement each other. Being a part of the ADC team will bring demand forecasting to the next level and give customers a clear view into their store operations while also expanding our capabilities into the convenience store space.”

ShopperKit’s CEO, Jack Record added, “Our vision for seeing ShopperKit become the leader in retail fulfillment is advanced by combining with ADC. This combination creates a unique set of capabilities needed to manage modern store operations. I am excited to help with the integrations of these two companies and seeing that vision become a reality.”

With this acquisition, work will immediately begin on an integration between the FreshIQ and ShopperKit platforms, and in the coming weeks, the ADC website will be enhanced to show the full scope of the combined company.

About Applied Data Corporation

To us, it is all about fresh. We are fresh food technology innovators. Our platform, FreshIQ®, allows you to effectively plan, prepare, analyze, and deliver the fresh food items your shoppers want. This all-in-one platform is easy to use and leverages our thirty years of industry expertise to bring you the most robust, cloud solution on the market. ADC is deployed in more than 120 grocery and convenience store chains and 20,000 locations.

About ShopperKit

ShopperKit is an in-store order fulfillment platform designed specifically for Click&Collect in the grocery industry. As eCommerce continues its rapid growth, grocers are seeing their physical stores, located close to customers, act as natural distribution centers. ShopperKit’s in-store fulfillment system enables existing brick & mortar stores to receive, prioritize, and process orders from their online counterparts allowing grocers to offer in-store pickup or delivery services to their online customers.

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